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cattle, contained 4 cattle affected with foot-and-mouth disease ; Spain, 317 cargoes, of

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usually been disappointing, though both the interrupted and

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these ether or chloroform will mostly overcome. The only

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express the hope that I may turn over to you the affairs of the

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possible, owing to the extent of surface to be gone over. Whether such

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The fact seems to be beyond dispute that so far as the animals came

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ansemia occurring without any discoverable cause whatever,' in

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particle of powder left, only a wet box of jjapers. The druggist

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gutter, and seeing, by him, one of these holes in the

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quish them for the benefit of the whole. No rule of equity,

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extreme ends should not be practised, as it is liable to result

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paste, and stated that his experience with this method dated back

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hundred miles in the United States; swine plague and fowl cholera may

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had been impacted in the oesophagus and had worked its way

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review in the mass than in detail. There was a breadth to his

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ever, no uncertainty in regard to pigs Sbs. 15 and 16. They were treated

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made to combine with acids so as to form salts, which retained the

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As the pars tympanica become involved, proliferation

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June I. — Temperature, loi". Pulse, 132. Hypersesthesia

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tions, the caecum being most involved. The liver was mottled, and

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from blisters as analogous. The dark lines and patches of

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seem that had the disease been the contagious lung plague (pie uro -pneumonia) of

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operative interference came to be regarded by the profession

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resulted in a more or less persistent attack of diarrhoea,

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the exciting cause, in proper cases, — those ready, as it were,

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normal, and the urine ought, according to rule, to have been

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ation, from an acute bronchitis; in the second, the patient

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a persistent sy&tohc murmur at the left base ; and one with a systolic murmur

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tiplication of microscopic organisms, when another tube would be

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beings should act in conformity with the rules of propriety dictated

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TUMOURS, witli Special Reference to the Operation of Ovariotomy, and Occa-

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Cases of this class have always had satisfactory termi-

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swim, and often would sink were it not for the helping hand

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prurient. Nor would it be at all out of place to explain to the

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the momentary disappearance of each plaque, but leaves a number of ineffaceable

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ously and die with it; but, more remarkable than this, two hens and one

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