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which it is so small that it can be readily replaced within

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Contains some bacilli and spores at the surface, but the micrococci abound aud are

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is neither the motive nor the money to carry them out.

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ptomains, or other poisonous organic principles, which are the

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Dr. L. A. W. Alleman had expected to speak on this ophthalmia,

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the skin, will produce an intoxication often very similar to that

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from the truth, after all, in supposing that these organisms arise from

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the intussusception could be relieved, the tumor was readily dis-

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tion is limited to the use of injections during the first three

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over a firm surface, e.g., posterior abdominal wall. When the

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May 23. — No change. Pig No. 3, not getting any iodine, eats and

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o -J. 02 CO « •« CO •♦tpos to w .* o to o S K "S3 :S

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without any conspicuous morbid changes. In the abdominal cavity

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strictions of the small intestine it more frequently comes on

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The term " borough" means a place which is for the time being subject to the act

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and the lower part of the pelvis is subjected to painful

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