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celluloid to prevent their being digested. Their position then

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as genuine and heartfelt, my expression of regret th..t

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disease, specifying the disease and the ports from which and to which such animals

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In all cases the diarrhea soon becomes a prominent symptom, the ex-

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recognized from the first ; but the fear of possibly fatal

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condition ; the former only acted in large dose and in an uncertain man-

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"Because X-ray pictures can be fallacious, should they be ex-

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Vice-president, First District — Dr. J. G. Hunt, of Utica.

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Firstly, that the fact of the protection of animals

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under a spray of carbolic acid, and dipped them into a bath of molten

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neurasthenic temperament. Family history tubercular, and

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conditions favorable for the development of homoeopath3^

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simple threatened miscarriages. In a few cases of women who

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to use the infected tank water, unless previously boilea,

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for Dr. R. M. Wyckoff his sketch of W. H. Thayer, M. D. Sketches

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act, or any order or regulation made by the privy council or a local authority in pur-

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the doctor's birthright. Has the hospital stolen this birth-

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Large intestines : Csecum filled with hard, round pellets, firmly adherent to the mu-

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To-day the hospital staff is all but in mutiny, because of

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To-day the hospital staff is all but in mutiny, because of

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ingly, on the 13th of May, two Orders of Council were passed, one defining a wharf at

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reason it has been impossible for me to obtain a form of swine-plague

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weigh thoroughly these points in his mind before deciding upon

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variations of these conditions occurring in the monsoons

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further accommodation. This necessitated the issuing of the following Orders : On the

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Rockbridge. — Distemper is the only contagious disease I have to men-

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The sweepings of the landing-place, lair, shed, or other place shall be well mixed

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Bennett, Thomas L., 7 E. 87th St., New York, New York Co.

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the operation. She entered the hospital just after the end

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destined to supersede creasote and my prediction is now almost an

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Walsham, Mr. W. J., remarks on the introduction of the whole hand

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rule which he is by this order or by any order or regulation of a local authority there-

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