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the baby. The child had been dead some minutes judging from
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the mortality from laparotomy after fcetal death has been
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tication can be an uncomfortable and unnecessary distrac
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urates are in excess and the urine is distinctly acid.
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plans was presented to the Board of Trustees and adopted.
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Oscar Lassar. Ueber Impfversuche mit Syphilis am an
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suming the use of bichloride of mercury. The speaker had
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ration made between the sciences of anatomy and physio
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with lymphocytes with areas of localized lymphoid infiltration. The
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lege Hospital President of the Collegiate Department
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cauterize the roots thoroughly with a pointed stick of lunar
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pital Chicago. Illinois or direct with Drake Hotel
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must be regarded as a constitutional disease requiring constitu
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The treatment of lameness deserves secondary consideration
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colon. There was however in most cases excessive diflicfilty in arriving at a
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little or no curative efi ect on the rupture. Circumcision was i erformed
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which took place in the Olxstetric Section of the British
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secretion and further that the impairment of one function rapidly
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essential to take the lamb off the ewe and turn the latter on
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of these precautions I will briefly relate two instructive cases
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mines but quarters for the sick are lamentably scarce.
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headache migraine neuralgia syphilis uterine or ovarian disease. The
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great. In its third stage when rupture of the globe has occurred
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surgical measures which may be fraught with disaster.
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hot awl were made it being introduced as before into
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gentleman over had a difficulty in going up even a short stair
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excursions in all kinds of weather to mills and courts all of which
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of the unreliability of estimates of population at the earliest ages the rates
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and many others. Unfortunately the form of the blade is often
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power of its medicinal qualities but their astonishment will probably
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would appear proper to withdraw the bowel and repair it but not
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It is a busy little town possessing a small harbour and rather famous
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semble annually at such place as way be designated by the
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senile hypertrophy of the prostrate in which either
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Dr. Pusey lately gave the history of tihirty six or thirty eight
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a very pronounced deformity. The soft parts however
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fact for it will serve to correct the error into which it will
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by the disturbance of the nervous centres through the poisoning of the
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below. The shaft is somewhat increased in width and there is some periosteal
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eminent pathologists in this and in other countries have claimed with at
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her liver and spleen attracted on account of their size the attention
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incision Dr. McClintock suggests some advantages that might accrue
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Leukcemia Myeloid or Lymphoid. Fever hemorrhages rapid rise or fall
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We might sustain this theory by much plausible argument.
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No matter where the disease occurs it is safe to say it
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