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rheum. Stools which are pale yellow when discharged and

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space. These cavities are covered in in front by the

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journal. The removed portion of lung is now in my possession. It is pyri-

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wherever he meets them, they may have to him, all the significance

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the oil, and wash the mouth with the wine after taking the oil."

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ties are observed which adapt each part to its peculiar function.

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These observations do not relate to epileptic coma or apoplexy

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be considered the most rational and approved treatment of Scarlatina ?

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While speaking of diagnosis, we would not forget to observe,

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State [ ? ], and promised, as such, to take note of the errors of ad-

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Sequelae. In all severe burns both ocular and palpe-

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ance, but finally, of muco-purulent characteristics. By the first

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ble in curing cases of secondary syphilis which had previously resisted the

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Ireland, calculus, as we learn from Dr. Yellowly, is a rare disease.

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