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Another temptation is the solicitation of an endorsement of some
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44. Stricture of Os Uteri. — In one case the cervix was divided with Kiichen-
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any way, is a cyst the size of a walnut. The walls are calcified,
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Weston, Albert T., 226 Central Park West, between 82d and 83d Sts.,
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for suggesting that every Fellow consider that our welfare is
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tron; inoculations with cultivated material might be made use of fur the
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for the high temperature. lo p.m., temperature, ior6°.
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cult to explain, when we consider the phenomena of many contagious dis-
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by many hacteriologists to exist in the case of enteric fever
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"When this sound is heard the administration should be
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Drs. A, B, C, and himself. I said that Dr. D had always
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Moore, Dr. Xorman, examples of malformation of the heart, loi.
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this bill with an appropriation of $5,000 to determine the
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wood, and salol, administered in capsules according to the follow-
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tration should be stopped and the head lowered ; if it does not
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form of swine plague than any natural infection or direct inoculation,
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use. [Mueiich. Med. Woehensch., Vol. XLIV, page 1318.)
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Wm. C, aged 39 years, a printer, admitted into Mark Ward
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three or four hours after taking food ; if in the colon it occurs
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Dr. E. D. Ferguson presented an enterolith, having a nucleus
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the vaso-motor centre in the medulla, or by conditions present in
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Intravenous injection of sulphate of copper, emetic action of, 145.
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have a high pressure in your burner if that in the main is low,
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to 10 gtt. and gave 10 gtt. cactus (fl. ext. ) at noon. Urine O. K. In
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as large as a bean, or small nut, and extend around the claws, often becoming conflu-
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Foreign body within the eyeball. 3. A glaucomatous cup.
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Habermann of Wismar, Germany, recommends an agreeable and
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of the body at no very distant period. Had we such signs, we
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Dufferin Hospital side by side with its hospital for
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England, on the question of dosage which is of sufficient value in
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places to which people have gravitated to escape from the deadly
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diminishing it. A 5 per cent, ointment made with vaseline left in
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have seen admirable results from it. After one thorough applica-
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an anaemic state, whether it is the diarrhoea caused by simple
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pig, it was always taken from one that had been dead but a very short

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