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occupy a chair in the college, which he declines ; all the
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either two parts of acetone or 15 parts of chloroform, which forms
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isfied. Pig No. 3, however, drinks more, and does not care for its dosis
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satisfy himself that, whilst the presence of mud water
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During the year 1875 Anaesthetics were administered 1587 times.
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had found useful for irrigation of the urethra. It was nothing
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better in all respects. She had gained three pounds in weight;
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Judah. In marked contrast to them are the timid men who
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in time, by the administration of a drench of peach-tree juice. Hogs die
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It must not, however, be imagined that tlie parasite
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of a serious nature calling for cautious medication. And it
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than suspicion was justified. All the unmistakable marks of pieuro-pneumonia were
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Stomach : GreaJ curvature has the mucous membrane red and congested.
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The handwritiny on the wall and the peril to the governor.
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have been known to suffer from the contagion. The order of suscepti-
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established. If after an injection the restlessness and moan-
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while twice the expected number recovered, and fifty per cent, over the
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schools. The number of hospitals and dispensaries open
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and numerous, may be treated very successfully by painting
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shows what inspection will do." The '/report, " which is printed on a posi card, is
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1861— Edited with Dr. E. C. Stiles, The Berkshire Medical
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4. Observations to be continued to note the first reappearance of the disease.— Some of
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committed against, or any penalty or forfeiture incurred tinder, the same.
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little to say, except that my observations related in my former reports
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finally such remarks as may seem necessary to more particu-
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exhaustive search failed to find a sufficient cause beyond a theory
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ter — the bioplasm or protoplasm, as it is called, of the body. There
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during the past four or five months. Eyes burn and feel uncom-
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that led thereto, which may be chronic. From that fact I
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€ach was identical. The first was fed for four days on a mixed

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