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neuralgia. He reports a case of very painful tuberculous cystitis,
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other ligature is tied closely about the vein and cannula,
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by abdominal section; the enterotomy to be immediately
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visions of this act, and of any order of the privy council under it, as relates to the
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Rice, — A mild form of epizooty is prevailing among our horses, but up
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and through all inclemencies of weather, and regardless of
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boot which will cure all cases. In fact, in many cases, by order-
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In a male, tet. 64, for a spindle-celled-sarcoma of the tibia. Pyaemia. Death.
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also inflammation of the antrum of Highmore. The only
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was caused by drinking filthy water, as the streams were dried up and The water iu
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used empirically, and that they have great value ; but would
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and all others the same as yesterday. (After about a week of dry
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solution on sterilized gauze. It has no irritating properties, is an
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August, one thousand eight hundred and seventy-three, and words in this order have
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mation, and the whole organism is thrown into pathological
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* Surgn.-Capt. H. W. Pilgrim, m.b., m.r.c.s., I.M.S.
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ing the past year than in the year previous. It has been tested in
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most extensive user of this article. He has made use of it in over
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of the kidney, enters the hilus. This artery is accompanied by a
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to come to the aid of the cholera-parasite in order to
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that soon healed. The system, however, was affected, and chickens
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patient ; but when pus has formed, they may have the effect of
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it was so. And if any statement or argument that I have advanced
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mals. They were bought in the Chicago market and came to Boston,
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Dr. E. E. Graham, of New York city, has written an article on
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Brain. — Generally oedematous and soddened. The whole of
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while carrying and scattering the seeds of this dreaded ; . Since the appear-
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the specific cause of obstruction. The dysenteric symptoms
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every summer when the season is dry, the cows now and then eat something which
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time. No attempt was made to determine the point of time at
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not take place, at least not as long as the animal is alive, and cannot be
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1,081 persons in perfect health, we find 842 had the
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tered over the surface of British and Foreign Medical Literature.

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