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refraction corrected, Y. = 20. E. E. without lenses reads Jseger
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substance, effected a complete cure in eleven days, with no ill-
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The symptoms and signs of intussusception are pain.
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examples taken from Eve's collection will sulB&ce for illus-
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Carbolic acid, effect of, on development of swine-plague micrococci 77
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in the usual manner, say with carbolized water, or solution of
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the second breast ; for the changes which were observed in
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Sorry. — We have no unusual diseases among our farm animals except
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cachexia, diarrhoea, debility, anaemia, dropsy, &c., according
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six weeks previously commas were found in none. Out
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2. Do such measures necessarily involve danger to the life
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before whom he is charged that he did not know of such falsity, and he could not with
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a*id vense cavas may be said to be almost destitute of red globules.
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supervene on an attack of ordinary catarrh, particularly if the animal be neglected,
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in the fifth schedule to this act, shall be the sums in that schedule specified in lieu of
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dissections were made, arid then fall victims to the poultry which were runnino" ahout
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gation to the department. Tlie following is his report, which was pub-
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Miexoscopic IirvsrestigatioxLs "by D .E . S almon, D.Y.A1. PlateYH.
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constrictions resulting from inflammatory products either in
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terfere with tlie institution or prosecution of any proceeding in respect of any offense
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Authority, while the carcasses of all the diseased animals were destroyed at a bone-
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grow on solid media. In one case it was isolated from
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As the rendezvous for great herds of swine these are surrounded by
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ing doses of active cathartics. For, let us consider the con-
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died nearly seven months after operation, from cerebral
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Second District, THOS. H. HANNAN, M. D., Rensselaer County.
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He has found that spasmodic cough and hoarseness rapidly disap-
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From the action of this connective tissue the alveoli are compressed and the walls
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bacteria, or in other words, by a chemical compound incapable in itself
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I pass over in the many other experiments by filtration, diffu-
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within a quarter of an hour. By half an hour the temperature was
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