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in which a privy odor prevails. The close atmosphere of the sewer

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some pathological or anatomical condition favorable to the

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germs, in however mitigated a form, is introduced into the system.

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urgent on medical and truly charitable grounds ; therefore,

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may not have had a large circle of intimate friends, but he had few

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tion to Great Britain. A notice was also issued to the collectors of customs on March 7,

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la all cases of bronchitis the bronchial glands undergo some change. In the earlier

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Surgn.-Major H. P. Dimmock, l.r.c.p., m.r.c.s., I.M.S.

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an anaesthetic, of the condition of the lower part of the sig-

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of inquiries, and also to record the ultimate results in the cases

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connective-tissue cell is the type. The most highly special-

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increased to 40 minims three times daily for an adult. In 3 cases

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drugs; we are able to sui^plement those cases in our preliminary

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tion of the ganglia nor elevation of rectal temperature. Exactly the same was true

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tion she was mildly demented, indifferent as to her dreadful

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portions of the small intestines have the mucous membrane thickened, softened, and

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and complete closure of the vessel. This can be easily made

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is wanting, so it is usually evident that they were not de-

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already suggested, to strychnine, camphor, and small

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tion of pain, but only of temporary duration. The fangs of the

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I administered it myself in large doses, up to 60 grains

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at one time supported by Toussaint in the case of anthrax, was that, by

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malignant growths may present. Secondly we should con-

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structural arrangement of those membranes is not essentially changed,

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Except in rare instances, there are no means of overcom-

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systolic at the ensiform cartilage. The left base is free.

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change, and remains to permanently narrow the canal; sec-

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venesection. Indeed no agent thus far compares with it in

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surgeons that there is no known method of treating stricture

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May 24. — Obtained new material at Mr. Philippi's place (cf. account of

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