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The analogy to some of the lower organisms is very strik-
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chanical conditions present which would seem to indicate
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62) the satisfactory use of this acid in the treatment of blepharitis
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a persistent subnormal temperature, not only in the cases in
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being taken off'. As the animal had been dead nearly twent\>houis,
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time to time. If the conversions are to be used every time a
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During reaction, if the temperature rose, the bath was
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that the inherent desire of the human mind to question, to
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gerous propagator in place of a destroyer of infection. Dry earth is
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and Fitchburg, to Boston. The remainder were Missouri and Illinois
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vessel. On account of the danger of sloughing attending its
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demonstration has fixed the value of the discovery and won
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inoculations had been made. Hence, as heretofore an inoculation with
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virus must be maintained in its preparation to such an extent that it will always
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the eye usually remains free, and this explains the fact that
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\"o.9^ Ulcerous him or of Caecum.. ' ±Lu . objective. x.
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fee from persons who are abundantly able to pay one, as physi-
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the high operation, allege that it is impossible t.o determine
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human tuberculosis result from inhalation of tuberculous matter,
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drunken fit, boasted he could do the same, and accordingly swal-
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found a number of vibrios in sea water which differed
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some value but closer observations are being made of its action.
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''just like digitalis, only less so," which epigrammatic
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lent germs in the wood-work and beneath the floors. These may easily
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active than any of the others. Nos. 11 and 13 eat a little in my pres-
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their physician when he was unsuccessful in his effort to
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infecting intestine that had been kept three days in bran.
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and fatty cells takes place. An extension of the same pro-
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province wiiich are comparatively fiee from malaria.
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pleuropneumonia it is destroyed, and an inquiry made which soon shows
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its usual fatality. Some sheep have died of foot rot, and a good many
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In discussion. Dr. H. L. Eisner called the attention of the medi-
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carditis, pericarditis, and pleurisy (double) ; one a case of endocarditis, pericarditis,

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