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drinking usages of our times, there never has been a period

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they contain ; some are honeycombed with these tanks,

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how often, and at what times each one of the experimental pigs was in-

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three solutions undiluted will kill anthrax spores within three

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tlie spread of cholera, owing, it is believed to the passage of tlie

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in the lungs as had. been exhibited in that of Dr. Standiey.

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able during life ; after death it was distinguished by a sKght

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it. It can be kept in subjection, if not cured, by dipping in a solution

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ments of a professor of veterinary science that cases of pleuro-pneumonia are not

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Inflet and Leffort (6) in 1878 were the first to suggest its

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tion of toxic material. He points out the fact that the peculiar

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Hospital. Mr. Arnott of St. Thomas's Hospital, who has been

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infecting remains of the carcase beneath. Such soils, it will be seen,

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and ligatures which do not carry this uncertainty with them.

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altogether. It should never be lost sight of by the authori-

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takes place in the cicatricial tissue and to the consequent

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Hock. The virus is never carried through the atmosphere.

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The following executive committee was elected for the ensuing

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strips of adhesive plaster extending almost around the limb,*

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zophyta? cultivated in milk and in water respectively, proved to be effec-

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about three times its natural size, and exceedingly heavy and brittle ;

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filtered, in at least two instances personallj'" observed, small

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while two out of four have not found the bacilli. 6. So far as known,

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physicians do not find that its rather mysterious powers

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in the United States, because at the time it was discovered by Mr.

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so far. Fowls are affected at all seasons of the year. Foot-rot is becom-

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be in the vegetable kingdom, though some go so far as to create a new

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On Friday, April 2, these two subjects were inoculated at the same time as three

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broader, or flatter structures may be conveniently classified

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throughout the prominent current medical literature.

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Secondly, absorption of septic matter, or whatever may cause

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petty jealousies and unprofessional criticisms that too often lessen

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nishes nearly 16 per cent, of the total number of cases.

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Plates from I to V inclusive — Lesions and microscopical appearances in

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a 5 per cent, aqueous solution into the eye twice a day, or paint it

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about a quarter of an hour before the appointed time

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that the injection of brain emulsion may prove to be a valuable

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Dr. Eve's collection (Case xxxi) is quoted the case of a boy

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