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lose its pathogenic properties to become innocuous ? "
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the ordinary atmospheric changes. A number of experiments bearing
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This I give before eating and syrup of the iodide of iron in
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contrary to the history of most operations, the gravity of
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posed of classes whose fate cannot be traced after-
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of albumen, and distinctively tinged with bile-pigment. Pus-cells
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If in the case of any animal such a request as aforesaid is not made so that the animal
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They are all liable to cause obstruction. The first, in the
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ing it through from rabbit to rabbit or guinea-pig to
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privy vault, or above all into an un ventilated sewer, their virulence in-
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that wftre employed for the medical relief work, and
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them of the last process. The administration of opium
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to this important question, by helping me in collecting
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intussusception when a polypus may have induced the
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anorexia of various kinds in children. He reports that with very
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very best objectives, which are expensive and cannot be handled by
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received, except in regard to the two last-named herds, which I visited
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cured 53, and 10 were improved in health. He obtained uniformly
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The medicinal treatment of a case of pulmonary tubercu-
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method may follow the lines whereby a whip-lash is caused
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went there at 9 o'clock a. m., and found a two-year-old heifer, in a first-
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