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fifty replies were received, including eighteen from the United

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or foreign trade in them. This government would regard any proscription of our

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tics of the Year Ending October 1, 1898. By E. H. Squibb,

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of shoulder, and these worms were present in the following

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common in freeing it from its attachments. Some haemorrhage

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Surgically Dr. Kieck refers to two cases of lupus of the face cured

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may with propriety be called the father of microscopy.

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from the arterial blood and the changes in the long bone to

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and the material had been carried over 200 miles in a bottle sealed air-

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emaciated, and more diarrhea. All four pigs exceedingly weak, and

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of a painless swelling over the seat of injection. This peculiar

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Persistent after-sickness, which is sometimes so very trouble-

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used two parts of chloroform to one of ether, has apparently veii-

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of horses, $1,200. Perhaps $1,000 will cover the losses among' fowls.

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tinuous subnormal temperature in myxoedema, the tempera-

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mercantile plant like the modern hospital, on a charity basis.

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and liquor strychnicC, the latter in doses of four minims. It is a

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Dec. 1, 1888. E. V. = refraction f^ corrected, V. = f^ +.

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marked reaction at all. In the experimental inoculations

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symptoms are less severe they continue for a week or

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believe I shall labor for its entertainment ; and may I ask, too,

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careful observation may be made upon a wider scale." [Phila.

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importance of giving this agent in the form of gluten capsules in

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but a greater mystery than the epicycles of the Milky Way! The

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driving, or walking as may best be done. Next to the

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tinct mottling on the arms and legs, varying in intensity. The

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tion. To test the activity of the granules after being preserved for over

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homogeneous immersion of Tolles, and a -^ also homogeneous immer-

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confident of its truth, and have observed the same connection

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what cumbersome, I believe to be the best formulated up to

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its surface. The right kidney was large, but apparently healthy. The bladder was

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right. As a matter of clinical observation, the symptoms of

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to render the cutaneous surfaces as completely aseptic as possible.

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