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formation of pus, consequently it is assumed that unless
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fectious and contagious diseases of animals (copies of which I transmitted to Her
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taking the first skiagraph in the usual position. At the same time
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almost always found these different organisms in liquids studied by me
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34 were operated after that time and six were cured even
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Cases of the kind were familiar to me prior to this
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and upwards of twenty minor cattle stables in and around the city of
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be followed in four hours by one pint of castor oil or one pound of epsom salts. He
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none was found in the western part of the state. Some of the
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that it could never come into general use. Milk was tried,,
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cally dangerous, and has been also proven septic by culture.
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suffering taxpayer as well. No fair-minded person will com-
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medico-legal work of the district, for the management
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clined to mope, eats very little, and its nose is ulcerating. No. 7 seems
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little ginger and gentian should be mixed. When the febrile symptoms
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such as we are all so familiar with in recent times, and
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when possible. If the case is urgent and the patient is suffer-
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the firing of the men of our navy and those of Spain was
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of the population. In Bengal, for instance, only one-
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feet and legs, while the eyelids and scrotum may be free.
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Other authors, as Maynard,^ give tables of successful
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Dr. Otto Wien of Lubeck, Germany, relates a fatal case of sub-
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dletown, Saratoga County; the Saratoga High School, and the
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agent "in eighteen cases of variola, only two of which were fatal ;
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flashes of light, pain, and symptoms of like character. Entire
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distribution of comma bacilli in Calcutta, especially
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solving calculi in the kidneys or bladder is refuted by others, and
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Dr. Huber of Berlin, Germany, also concludes from his observa-
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of a brownish or carbonized red color, but was apparently very much
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for producing intestinal infection in guinea-pigs, with
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plied as to retain the parts without disturbing the nutrition.
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Hospital^ Vol. IX, page 193). He enumerates three cases and
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phy of the prostate ; in the brain there is an increase of the

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