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following further results of my observations and the deductions to be
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Mr. Mackenzie Davidson has described in detail an apparatus
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The lymphatic glands, superficial, inguinal, and pharyngeal, were of a deej) red; the
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highest character in the city, Dr. Gadsden, to write me a letter. He has done so, and
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11. 'Experimental pig No. 12. — Of the same litter as Nos. 10 and 11,
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outwards and upward (as has been suggested by Potemski
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constant changes of medical attendants so common in
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tube gives us some information of rectal conditions. The
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required was 1.5 grammes (23.2 grains) three times daily. The
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In the mouth and on the lips the vesicles are broken almost as soon as formed, leav-
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nal wound was closed by layers, as the muscular tissue was very
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the Causes Leading to the Abuse of Medical Charity. By
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looking in places, and frequently sore when handled ; the membrane being covered
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sudden failure of the accommodation, especially in young
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Certain indigestible substances not only act as irritants to
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ing strictural obstruction, but a long history of dyspepsia,
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I. In a note addressed to the Academy of Sciences, M. Chauveau says the impor-
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on his own account, or who would be entitled to receive the same if such premises
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withheld from others. He was a stern judge of probabilities in
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Those who take the kidneyine with an abundance of water
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was offered him again. He sat up with determination, as if about
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each contain one gill of a fluid of similar appearance. The intestines
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for fear of poisonous exhalations in the night-air. Nearly
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contagious fevers. Chauveau, whot had just discovered that the inocu-
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tion of mesentery on both sides (as shown in Fig. 6). It is
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form among our horses. Other classes of farm animals are healthy.
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unusual) of glycosuria, produced by the use of somatose. During
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The Disinfection of Wells as a means of combating Cholera Epidemics. By E. fl. Hankin, m.a.,
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lation with excess of virus which had been kept in a sealed bottle with
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few instances so-called bony union has been found to be fibrous.

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