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nective tissue, rich in cells, surrounding the bronchus and separating it from the
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tissues has been counteracted by a preliminary injection of a small
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they are so insignificant in comparison with the good results
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fined to certain countries and never exist elsewhere, unless by direct im-
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Dr. A. L. Benedict presented "Report of Case of Cancer of the
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Large numbers of fowls annually die of the disease commonly known as
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sional dianhcea, which at times becomes very obstinate ; six
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at Otto. Precisely how this mortality began I did not ascertain ; but, on one or more
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known agents in the physician's hands. However, the poisoning
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weeks later she passed from under his care. At this time she was
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so-called charitable concerns running around lobbying and
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is always highly dangerous and often fatal in its results. — In ten successive
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Audral, it is defined as a special morbid state, in which there is
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against the effects of subsequent inoculations with virus that had been pre-
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to the action of alcohol, as it is, after all only a receptacle.
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way the product of vital activity in every cell in the body is
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tip of which had been dipped in the liquid, and if the mouse survived
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external appearances perfectly healthy. On its extraction Mr.
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before or coincidently with the venom the animals (rabbits) died.
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reported the case of a boy who had swallowed an open
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many children; also, insufficient precaution in preparing
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growth of Public Opinion in India on sanitary ques-
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ing surgical operations are recorded. Many asylums, with
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being only necessary for the indurated portions of breast.
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late day, been entirely cleared up. True, in certain direc-
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grade to favor adhesions between the ring and gut, or of the
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on the diagnosis except by failing to act on the bowel. Rec-
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have here a reliable means of freeing any farm or any section of the
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amyloid degeneration of the viscera. Certain inherent condi-
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Antinosin (sodium salt of tetra-iodo-phenol-phthalein) has un-
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involved in numerous instances. One reason for the seem-
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yard, or to trees in a forest — the name of lecturer, only the
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cases of vaginal catarrh, in certain forms of cystitis, and in decu-
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of the rectum, or the descent of piles. Adhesions between
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could be plainly seen in many instances, passing entirely through the red

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