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are : (1) The direct (intravascular) ; (2) subcutaneous

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When the vessel is turned upside down the flow of the liquid soon

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ern animals, often killing a proportion as high as 00 per cent, of those

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vicinity has failed to reveal the existence of any disease similar to the rinderpest or

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Respectfully returned to the Commissioners, District of Columbia, with the follow-

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uterus, for instance, and gradually increases the strength up to 2

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physician's resources are tried to the utmost, and every

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" 2. That in order to derive full benefit from this agent it is

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which the carcass had been removed by Mr. Ritschener. The post-mor-

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Since the United States cattle have been slaughtered at the ports of debarkation in

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apt to occur ; an attempt is thus made to relieve the loaded

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should be equally true for the family, for as the offspring results from the

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and complete closure of the vessel. This can be easily made

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spleen. The male fatal case (aged 21) is described in the Hosj^ital Reports,

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statement marked A. (see page 58), which will show at

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ures with blood from the. heart of a hen just dead.

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Morbid changes — Externally nothing remarkable except that the mus-

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Eudoxin (bismuth salt of nosophen) is still claimed by not a

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should be emptied or relieved, by means of a scoop, before

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The continuation of the alimentary track was closely examined and found to be

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physicians is the foremost of all things that contributes

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gen used, wasted, and excreted and the amount of fat taken in and

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less than half of the cases of obstructions from gall-stones

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again like this? I use the word save wittingly, for we

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Cholera still proves very destructive to hogs and fowls. I estimate the

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He had repeatedly closed up the whole peritoneal surfaces of the

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The third diuretic in my list is digitalis. This drug in

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Owing to the fact that more than one intussusception can

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disposed as to form a natural corral, capable of holding and feeding for

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that amputation above the knee, or at the knee, by any previ-

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provided, until the 8th of April that the wharf was filially approved and the Order

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moved out of an infected place without a license signed by an officer appointed by

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If in the ileum the distension is in the middle of the abdo-

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upper part of the kidney, and which enters the vena cava a little

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