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tle experience has been had with it in fissures of the nipple, incip-
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effects of the monsoons, we have not only to deal with
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it was given, that if I wanted to see him for anything to come
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maximum should be two teaspoonfuls per diem and under that age
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be copied literally in describing an ordinary case of loot-and-mouth disease in this
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serious mischief, but complications, or rather extensions, of
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classes of animals will reach somewhere between $12,000 and $15,000.
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pneumonia should exist to so great an extent and the animal be as fat
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pristine state, to be ready for any fresh duty which may be
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he may be operated upon, and have his sight restored ; and
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" attacks of cholera occur in numerous villages at a
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horses in this county. Sheep have suffered some from. flukes. This
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examination. General condition one of profound neurasthenia.
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came again because the glasses she had worn for eight years were
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F. for fifteen minutes is plainly insufficient to destroy the germs of these organisms.
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tion, that one of the most important and best planned battles
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Delhi, where I could start the inoculations exclusively
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death, owing to the heart being unable to propel the blood with
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medical subordinates consider anchylostomiasis to be
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Kings County Medical Association, and the invited guests who are
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head, or may include both sides of the frontal, parietal, or
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pression from without. In this category are to be found :
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reports is from the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the
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Weights and Measures (metric system) have advanced very
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and for the purpose of securing the repayment of any sums of money so borrowed, to-
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understood that the presence of a range of mountains —
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The number of observations is not sufficient, and the
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afternoon, and possesses the mental depression, irritability, and
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with the result now that his family is better protected, and
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the animal recovers. Furthermore, in pernicious anaemia the
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from the vulva. In several a fetid diarrhea existed. I learned further, from Dr.
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