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plague schizophytse cultivated in innocent fluids foreign to the organ-
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colour and felt himself to be in perfect health. Dr. Phelps
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the individual has been up and moving about for three or
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into the front office, and you don't look like that kind of a
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I have always done, and will always do, my best to help
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any malady that we can measure the effect which treatment
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bered that if sufficient ammonia was thus distributed in some
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questions I have proposed to solve, and for this purpose I have secured the co-opera-
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— Stephen Smith, one week earlier. In both lateral move-
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plied as to retain the parts without disturbing the nutrition.
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usually slender cord. These cords may become detached at
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days with a weak rapid pulse ranging from 140 to 150. A
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reduced in strength from \ to 2 per cent. , under which the healing
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given and the way it is borne are also factors. On tlie other
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ation of the operative interference, but has the objectionable
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bacilli, and much information can be gained from a micro-
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Casualties in Modem "War. By Surgn.-Capt, G. H. Melville, m.b., A. M. S., Nasirabad ... 358—361
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Buchner substituted for the latter the extract of meat, with which he
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graduates of Dean Goodenough's college, and it is not credit-
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my house, where there was much dust. They soon began to disturb me by hard
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more and more like unto a foreign body in the part of the
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and the question of interest was the point of election.
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carried among the great herds- that breed, grow, and feed upon the un-
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Mr. Burgess showed a congenitally malformed heart with an
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condition that the vessel has not, since taking on board the cattle imported, entered
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treatment. Like all sufferers from heart disease, they should be
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soon lost sight of. Outbreaks among the troops or in
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railway to be overcrowded so as to cause unnecessary suffering to the animals therein.
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operators now leave metallic sutures in herniotomy wounds,
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verified by more than one observer, that the bacillus antJiracis is
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There are 280 beds in the medical wards , giving the number of
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joarenchyma without any previous appearance of pus.'
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and no morbid changes of any consequence were externally visible, or
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that during the epidemic of 1869 there existed a large
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out in quite a normal condition. Vomiting is found to be much
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Therefore it seems to me that there is, at least, fair reason to doubt
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to distinguish the natural conditions affecting cholera

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