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Retrospection with the illusion vanished and the situation rec-

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to my evidence printed at page 38 of the 1893 Cooly Mortality

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removal, and the insurmountable obstacle to osseous union

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between different animals, and between these animals and man. In

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western part of the county, and extended east and north. In some

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would look rather discouraging to those expecting much from the

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"It may then be concluded: (1) That uric acid, as a causative

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and were at work, but all had the anchylostoma in them.

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springs were found in the intestines ; the latter, four inches and a

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this explains, apart from the actual stoppage of the canal,

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the past year at $1,000; cattle, $3,000; hogs, $2,400; sheep, $300.

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will not appear. These are facts of common observation, and their application has

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thrax.) The only diseases of cattle that have ever occurred as epidemics in our cattle

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head to one side and the neck partly twisted, so that one eye looked

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veloped itself it then becomes both infectious and contagious. Some years ago my

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nature ; not only is the method parallel, but the results

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piece of iron four or five inches long that had reached the

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for an operation, and then another examination revealed the fact

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beneath the puckering ; the walls of the cavity were tough, hard, and in places

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range extending across the continent at an angle of

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extensive, a cicatrix may be formed the same as in other tissues, in the

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pauper, the designing beggar, and the avaricious applicant

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gone extensive thickening and fibroid degeneration.

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happen with the strongest solution, and the contamination of the lancet

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♦McLochlin, James A., 157 W. 21st St., New York, New York Co.

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fixation of the joint. I trust that possibly in the course of

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Buchner's account of his experiments in the same direction with the

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to 330 cc. (a little over 11 fluidounces). Dr. Habermann has

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and which have such splendid potentialities of future

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