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not so frequently due to compression as to traction, and that

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on a series of comparative experiments on "The Disinfection of

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cation required 2 per cent, of borax, 1 per cent, of benzoic acid, one-

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third inoculations made with virulent matter had no apparent effect

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accounted for by his greater amount of out-door life, and the

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safety, were all to do their duty, and the profession aroused

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recognise, the enormous difficulties in the way, not finan-

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the report of this proceeding, and the public who are

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on the other hand, the approximation has been maintained

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water was sent to me from the Civil Surgeon of Fyza-

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ing the past year. Perhaps $5,000 will cover the losses occasioned by

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America, has been known to exist in that country for many years ; and in a paper

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to a fatal issue. The distribution of cases among both

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In this same connection, but on the other side, I may say that I recently met a gen-

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intense, the patient assuming all positions possible while scratch-

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must be taken into account, and is always an added factor to

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kidney. When we gave a large dose of digitalis to an animal

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know of no other eases in the State, and are quite sure that none others exist.

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their drinking water-supply from the well in the court-

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to have the same amount of work done on each day as far as possi-

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rachitis deformities, or to rehearse any of the numerous oper-

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pended in virulent" liquids ; that these corpuscles may be washed with-

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respectfully suggest that in fairness to the great interests of the United

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have drawn from the knowledge of others and have even

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seems less likely to give rise to it than any other. The rectum

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the obstruction, if in the caecum or asceuding colon, on the

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in mind the very excessive cholera mortality seen in

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thirty-six hours rest in bed a No. 3 catheter was passed with

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the list might have been augmented by stating how frequently

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complete list of references in the form of a bibliography. {Bulle-

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