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found suffering from ansemia, and 1,081 were either in

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of which, 154 cattle, 1,623 sheep, and 249 swine were thrown overboard during the

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of time our sanitary reformation is to be effected.

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ticed in the local press, and collectors are requested to send copies of any notices to

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In the second stage (see preparation contagious pleuro-pneumonia, stage B) the ex-

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who assign no reason for their preference for a non-operative

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days. This year, however, I have met with more cases than formerly in

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who had in September, 1880, himself purchased and brought to his farm from the

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(5) Of foreign bodies in the rectum, Doctor Eve records

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the patient a chronic intestinal obstruction? second. What is

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proves insusceptible, a crust forms over the puncture and there is

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cation required 2 per cent, of borax, 1 per cent, of benzoic acid, one-

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fold action, i. e., of washing out the poisons and supplying

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thus to facilitate the act of infection. This preparation

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berculous diseases, such as consumption, glanders, lepiosy, actino-

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of the lung-tissue of the size of half a cubic inch or a trifle more, where

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keeping the body free from vermin and internally healthy by a judicious

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living crowd contents itself with the exclamation, " He was only

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ct^fr all having a very dark-red hue, which was manifestly largely

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Dr. Niessen, in his comparative experiments with some of the

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low swampy land upon which the cattle were for the time being rounded

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though they may result from adhesions of some projecting

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so that angina pectoris and pericarditis being both excluded, there

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cough, or a weaving, bellows-like motion of the sides. This is generally

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but never entirely free from pelvic discomfort. Oftentimes under

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No. 3 with slight aneemia and a large spleen had the anchy-

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At the last meeting of the American Surgical Association,

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