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organism, remain at the point where they have been placed and

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horses in this county. A few cases of glanders have been reported.

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blood by the healthy gland. In some cases it appears to be even

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composed of 05 per cent, of the pure crystallized acid and 5 per cent of

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made into a 1 per eeut. solution of boracic acid, and allowed to stand

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last year or two of his life. He was under observation eleven

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in which the existence of that disease does not appear to have been generally recog-

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At one time I thought not, but I was authorized to believe on some accounts that the

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Again, in order to ascertain whether cholera epidemics

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of ulcer is due to the mechanical and chemical irritation of

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is an "agent," and it is perfectly reasonable to claim that

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ease-germ ; their excretions must be regularly and thoroughly disinfected;

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genital origin. This form of neuralgia almost invariably

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methods of giving this agent, this one appeared to be the least

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parts became coated with greenish-black spots which were trouble-

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of sacrum was so prominent that a portion of the lower vertebra

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The causes of functional palpitation were enumerated as

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Lake County. — Infectious and contagious diseases have never yet

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to find so few of the ordinary lesions of swine plague. — - -

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adjoins the distillery of Gaff, Fleishman &, Co., where they are fed on hot swill and

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pigs Nos* 2 A, 2 B, 3, 7, 8 a, 8 B, 15, and 16). It is true, Nos. 2 A and

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cholera. Inhaling dust produces irritation of the lungs, which is soon followed by a

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phere, for if the cultivations are made in sealed tubes nearly filled with

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Drs. G. Linoissier and M. Lannois made a report, at a meeting

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not exceed fifty cubic millimeters in capacity, or fifty billion cubic micro-

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especially for typhoid fever, the result of the investigations

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operative interference. If an enema has been used success-

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promptly. At first, we attempt to relieve the bowel of its

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larger majority of strictures, whether caused by cicatricial

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they are more often the outcome of long and patient

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The patient, if an adult, should be warned that after a few

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lated with five drops of decomposing blood they die in from four to eight

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brim of the pelvis, as advised by Mr. Hulke. The various

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contagious, Dr. "W. F. TTbitney's microscopic examination of lungs of 272

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and exposure which they underwent are sufficient to account for it.

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