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many years and have been called upon to do the surgical

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the germs of swine plague. The joints and cracks in wooden buildings,

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the excision of the sac and to "' refresJi the pillars of the ring

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Case XXI. — Mrs. S. S. T., aged seventy. General health very

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character of the affection will only be ascertained on the dis-

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He was the son of Dr. Charles Samuel Ward and Lucinda J.

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ter into details, but gives in general terms conclusions which are

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fevers in the Dacca District. The cholera season ia

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Never pregnant. Menstruation irregular, at times wanting for

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opening an abscess as large as an orange. Xo opening iuto it could be found. The

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of any land, within hundred yards of any house found

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county somewhat similar to the old epizooty, but some call it influenza.

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(3) that the virus loses its pathogenic properties after

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and what an enormous amount of clinical material there

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stead of resorcin, and the former had turned a pink color as it

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especially noted in cases where quinine was of little use or where

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affected with pdeuro-pneumonia. The State officers killed all those

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dead, and 104 cattle, 45 sheep, and 81 swine were so much injured that it was neces-

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plague, is always followed by a comparatively milder form of that

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Thirdly, the following view may be held : The first

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cluded to pay him, just as it pays its judges and janitors,

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frequent since the prevalence of la grippe year after year in

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time many gentlemen whom, I am sure, you will be pleased

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material. The interlobular tissue between them and the more healthy

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fatal results at an early stage it will gradually subside, for since the

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One or two similar outbreaks have been controlled by slaughter and quarantine.

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Distribution of animals. — The animals, numbered to correspond with,

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to increase in the interval between the annual recur-

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As a citizen Dr. Eobb attained to more prominence than most

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ascarides in the bile-ducts, in the stomach and in tbe duodenum.

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most advantageous circumstances. This is another example of

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