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"Washington, urging the suppression of such pernicious legisla-

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tially descended, a simple exploratory incision made under

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is coughing some, and eats very little. The others, too, with the excep-

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solution, by instillation, in forty-two operations. For this prac-

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miasm suspended in fluid ; it is also probable that the glandular

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the present time all the children in the Charity Hospital of Berlin

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San Bernardino. — Colts here in the spring of the 3 r ear are subject to dis-

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general court of Massachusetts Bay Colony to govern the people

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Primary — Arm. — Of these cases a boy, 15 years old, suffered amputation of

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through our uninfected districts and ports to England; i. e., that part of

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There were 4,476 operations for stone, 20,279 for ca-

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pages 9 and 14 — gives a case of a man, Freischmidt, who died of

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which had been done in Europe, in France and England,

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and he finds it preferable to any surgical treatment. He claims

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unable to give his best labor to cases coming to his hands,

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acteristic effect is produced on the diphtheritic membrane.

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importation of foreign animals, they are unable to modify the order of the 10th of

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to this act ; and with respect to the metropolis the privy council may also from time

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farm animals in this county, except among hogs. The disease affecting

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of which three have died of swine plague, introduced by a purchase

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From the United States were received 154,814 cattle, GO, 722 sheep,

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applied. » « » I maintain that it lias yet to be shown

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The locality in which each of the severa forms of obstruc-

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and to the left, being exceedingly sensitive upon rectal and vaginal

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thin and least covered by hair, as on the udder and between the claws.

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**On September 13, 1897, about noon, I was called to see Mr.

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surgeons would agree that the time for the use of non-opera-

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level — much more than the whole revenue of the coun-

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I. M. S., Surgii.-Supdt., Presy.. Genl. Hospital, Calcutta ... ••• ... 54—56

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would be this — treat your cases of malarial remittent

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towards controlling the temperature. Digitalis seemed to have

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be of little value and absolutely of no value in malaria and nervous

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and adherent to it was the healthiest appendix that I have ever had

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