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the success in non-operative cases. The time-limit placed

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of its Derivatives" (London LaiiGet, Vol. I for 1898, page 222),

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indefinite increase, and may undermine the health or destroy life in one

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to the hospital, the market value of his services. That the

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day would be likely to arrive at conclusions from them which I am sat-

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appearance and effects of putrid and septicemic blood. The former

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parasite and admits that it is a bloodsucking leech, and

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live thousandth of an inch in diameter, and from one eight thousandth of

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This is apt to be transient, however, until we have pitting

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according to the above method. Forty were cured and

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this appalling death-rate is due to the condition per se or to

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ules which he at first took for micrococci, and only after a number of

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The method of the present investigation runs parallel

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doses, they became able to stand otherwise fatal hypo-

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cattle brought to Scotland, and which were suffering from bronchitis and gastric irri-

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exceptional condition. Many anomalies of etiological signifi-

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tant as possible. They should not be thrown into a heap. Books

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used two parts of chloroform to one of ether, has apparently veii-

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suture material used in uniting tendinous structures should

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by the owner of expenses incurred by them in respect of detention thereof), as they

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ing them weaker than before. Comment : Cataracts developing

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scarcely probable that the death of the animal had to do

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been distinctly hoarse for a week or ten days. Her appetite is

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on a series of comparative experiments on "The Disinfection of

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figures indicate great activity and afford ground for

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mostly under a line in diameter, but one has an extent of an inch and a half by one-

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3. In the fall of 1878 and in the winter of lS78-'79 comparatively few

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