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whole matter under the control of the State Board of Charities.

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stituting the micrococci so frequently, I might say generally, seen in

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})roportion i to ij, if his scapulse stand out from it Kke wings,

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beyond all other remedies, the property of acting as a special

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them. Billroth || maintains that all of the different kinds of bacteria

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general paresis, but it should be distinguished from general

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the difficulties of the research, difficulties which M. Cohn entirely failed to recognize.

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Case III.— Mrs. B. Admitted July 3, 1898. Age, 34. Married,

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prevention of the pollution of the ground about; dwellings on

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than 10 feet from the one in which were the sick ones. It remained thus

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Dr. John F. Erdmann exhibited *'A Case of Fracture of the

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was reached, when they were met by these self-appointed officers of mt the shot-gun

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tion. This Association could not do a greater service to the

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morning, and have the morning session begin promptly at

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to us from the ports of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and

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beings, quite regardless of the final results. There may be

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July 22. — The second hen inoculated is very sick; does not notice

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double lobar pneumonia, with seven recoveries. He says the

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are faithfully represented in the drawings No. VII, a, Z>, and c, and

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numerous in abscesses following the hypodermic injection of carbolic

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state in which the mass of blood is diminished, the liquor san-

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third, or even a fourth attach, as animals remain susceptible after being

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His name was like a password admitting many, who, but for that,

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Zeh, Merlin J., 1.521 Broadway, Watervliet, Albany Co.

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will find that of the agents then used in the treatment of

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stepping-stones to such an end, are placed upon the market

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Xo. 5 V Head of Stronovlus paradoxus, or luno worm. Uin.Objecrive.xlOO.

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