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mentation which went on harmlessly so long as the bilge water and
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panic cavity, may, according to Barnick,^ be either acute or
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because they have but one pilot ; he gives the sailing master
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nicated through the whole (not lesioned) skin, or through the uninjured
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After the udder is relieved, the following solution may be injected with
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more than an hour, and Professor McCall, principal of the Glasgow
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and ability restored and temperature normal. He has repeated
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marked increase of flesh was observed when they were fed upon
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found the results in the treatment with thymus gland, but Dr.
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About February 1, 1880, the Department of Agriculture, under the
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Fentress. — The only disease that has prevailed among horses during
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every one of us. And I ought to acknowledge the fact that
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June 15. — This pig has an eruption of pustules, one-fourth to three-
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which became fixed in the lower part of the ileum, and there
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Schizophytae, cultivated, preventive inoculation "with, in swine plague 194
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agglutinating effects — in diseases of an infectious character,
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sanitary condition of local water-supply, as may be
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to be in any pain, and do not die of the disease, but being perfectly
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tents of the distended bowel. The man died from inanition
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made into the muscular masses beneath the wing with the grooved lan-
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sum of those functions of the brain which are known as
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The mono-acetate of pyrogallol has been given the name of

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