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as showing that ergot can be preserved under very ordinary condi-
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business. So far as I was able to discover, no constitutional
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external auditory canal through a previously or newly
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dark, but upon which we may well turn the electricity of
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somewhere, anywhere, to a Barren, a Blackwell, or some
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to be largely increased, and will even then have to be
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nuisance, and, in the opinion of the writer, should be mus-
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epidemic, and makes their explanation more difficult.
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young lamb has been inoculated several times during the last months of gestation.
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Schleich was aiming at. Too little attention and consideration
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members of our profession and influenced their practice ac-
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The causes, already described, that give rise to acute
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but have the effect of setting up absorption of the organised
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refused, the efforts of the physician are restricted to the
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but with the hypodermic syringe it should be used only in
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cholia, (e) resistive (obstinate) melancholia, (f) convul-
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Resolved, That the Third District Branch of the Xew York
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tamination the cars in which the animals have been conveyed. That the
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cient in itself, taken in conjunction with the special char-
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portion of the lung (Plate IV int. tis.) is very thick and dense." In its
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effect resulting, he was reinoculated with active virus September 1 to
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examined his injuries, and found a dislocated hip and a com-
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rope as far "back as the seventeenth century. It was then noticed as
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paction of a foreign body in the intestine, or an injury of the
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on Indian corn of the preceding year's crop, this adds its quota of cos-
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diseased lobule, and presented to the eye only a thickening of the interlobular tissue
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do, and come here in the expectation that some of you during the
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distant where cholera had not yet appeared. At noon
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part of the stewartry of Kirkcudbright, and not of the xmrlianientary burgh of Dum-
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these two cases were in a very serious condition when he under-
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such a meeting, and I trust that this the first Indian
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and numbered 422), came into operation. As stated in the report for the year 1878,
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in local inflammatory lesions, both before and immediately after death,
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