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are also suffering with cholera, but not to so great an extent as formerly.

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market., and freezing out the general practitioner.

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cLvs-is±o:n_. 1 <? The same 2 iidTtattes later . 1? Cluairv of (Loocble Ba.Cn.Tlua

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present in large numbers, and in particular circumstances of a

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while the latter believes that the globular bodies are the germs of bacilli.

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autopsy; the chronic form is common and may be modified

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last century. Sydenham has described one variety under the

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honorable to give their services in the cause of charity. Now,

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fully tried. No mass or tumor palpable either by rectum or

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about 90 per cent, of all cases if the epizooty is malignant and occurs

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which the heart is too small for the body, but in some in which

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was given. The first result noticed was an increase in the tension

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of all kinds suffer terribly from a disease known as chicken cholera. In

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August 5. — Death from over-exertion in hot weather.

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also dry, is filled with the gaseous products of organic decay, which

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out of 5 tanks where cholera had disappeared a month to

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4. Senile rickets, due to the devitalizing influences of age,

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The impression that tuberculosis is contagious is by no

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year show a very large proportion of the population to have

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formed perforation in the membrana tympani. The two lat-

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is it necessary to study each case. If the patient suffers

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require detailed statistical information for its justification,

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which a curdy pus flows, and the tissue generally softer and more

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only occasionally. Drugs given either by the mouth or hypo-

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of the physician. As stated before, however, cocaine should never

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Extra-Uterine Pregnancy Operated on at Term." It was a very

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cathode; and no discharge therefore in the usual sense occurred in

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that the air gradully finds its way out by the edges of the obstructing substance. The

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congested, and in the tip of one lobe some incipient hepatization, due

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heart, the patient becomes frightened at the feeling of

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