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pearance, and the urine, of which the bladder contained a large quan-

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southern district of the city from July 22 to Sept. 6. The

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uniform, apparently spherical, granules about soihjoth of an incn in

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cases, but to account for this, various theories have from time

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in the earlier tabulations of cases, when the theory was far

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by swine plague — both of them had a severe attack, and I have reason

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Epilepsy. — Monvet (24) and Viret as a result of ex-

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serted in its stead; the aspirator jars are now connected with the new

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of administration, and therefore much good may be expected from

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of the parasites present as under 5u, a number alto-

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ing the disease; but if the former are now placed in the same inclosure with the latter

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that as a rule he thought the state could not appropriate

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Development oi bacteria in injuries and non-contagious diseases ' 53

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ary pathogenic bacteria, such as typhoid, staphylococcus aureus,

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crisis, or whenever the pulse becomes intermittent, or, in fact,

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experienced might not have been the result of the mental impres-

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Carter. — The epizooty is now prevailing among our horses as an epi-

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and the birds sleep most of the time before death, no time should be

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survived three successive inoculations and only succumbed in the end

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"Kesult of post-mortem examination of a cow that died this a. m. (March 2) : The

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cars in which they traveled could scarcely have been previously con-

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they resist inoculations and intravascular injections of considerable quantities of

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line with the natural resolution of the symptoms, viz., quiet-

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well-dressed ladies, and the debonair and patronizing air of

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was as perfect four thousand years ago in the childhood of

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and when varicose veins are present the elastic stockings may

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made, are to me full of significance and hope ; and I

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c. ammonise carbonatis, gr. iv. ter die was ordered.

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lar tissues covered by the hoof, and the formation of dangerous abscesses,

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roundings in private practice, unsatisfactory hospital condi-

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microbes, act on lupus by producing septi caemia. No substance,

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