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the line it was 0'47 ; in JuUunder it was 0"52, and in

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has been said about this agent. Therefore it must suffice to pick

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The kidneys contained much phosphatic deposit in the pelvis,

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and since the microbial population in the stomach and

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Small pieces of these organs had been thoroughly dried in the sun and

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old people have come to their death by a dose of morphine

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plague blood which had been repeatedly heated to 130°, 150°, and 200°

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inclosed place in or on which such cattle are kept a notice forbidding persons to enter

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character not changed). Complete loss of power in right arm

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is advantageous in improving the nutrition and tone of both

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nary mental and physical ability, his capacity for work was enor-

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consciousness has been fully regained, to administer one-

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number of bacteria in the blood of a dog immediately after death, from

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of the atmosphere ; and, in general, a considerable change in atmospheric tempera-

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Any such nomination and intimation made for the purposes of any act repealed by

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and right here let me deprecate the wholesale use of brandy

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packages. The ergot thus thoroughly varnished with the coating

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scab; the United States of America, 770 cargoes, of which 110 cargoes, consisting of

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and goats, symptoms of foot and mouth disease in 235

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the macula where fatty degeneration in the nerve-fibre layer,

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tify the affection, a brief statement of the symptoms was given in this

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permanent. The question was still in the experimental stage,

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for fifteen to thirty minutes in water in any open or closed

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seems to prevail in a mild form, as but few deaths have occurred. Cat-

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cle found to be tilled with the mycelium and spores of a fungus. As

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of the twentieth and twenty-first years of Her Majesty (chapter 72), "to render more

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infect them with cholera by ordinary cholera vibrios,

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manipulation and compression, so I finally had to open one

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Fessenden of Pennsylvania, for surgical use in the field. Its

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municipal corporations, or in any other act, one-half of every penalty or forfeiture

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form the plexus, which is termed the aO'erent artery. The ar-

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larger majority of strictures, whether caused by cicatricial

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Experiment No. 10.— April 6, 1880, Dr. Detiners mailed to me some

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countries paid for by Government. I have proved that

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ease, or may the contagion exist under the various forms of micrococ-

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istic of acute mania. This paper, already too long because

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Surgn.-Capt. F. O'Kinealy, l.r.c.p., m.r.c.s., I.M.S.

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during the past year than in the year previous. The most iDromi-

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