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ten years, however, more attention has been paid to the thyroid at autopsies,
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degeneration so frequently present in these acute infections, of the cellular
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Nnciens. — ^This is usually a solidified agglomeration of the same salts of
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its natural suppleness. In spite of the long stand-
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laws, it will naturally he askcil not only why the dissociation onrvp flat
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like sewing or drawing a straight line with pen or pencil. By having the
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term "acute** or "inflammatory" rheumatism is not infrequently applied
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Slji.rk. LNs; .\.u,,us ^Ii.mK, l'^;i; Siii;;i.;il Slin.-li, I'Mi; i;xi..'iiiiii'ntiil In
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the case of contracted bladder; to remove such causes of irritation as stone,
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toms. This is often followed by a relative improvement. Renaut has
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I'.cfiiii' |)icicici|iiin' til sliiiw liiiw tlii'sc farts fipiifi'iiiiiii,' tlif nature nf
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So l;ii' till' fiilrr wliicli |i|'ci|ii'|s llic licihis is inailily tlic coiit rai'tioli <<(
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Creliminaiy purge. Sometimes the passages are choleraic, at other times
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certain staining methods, such as those of Bunge, Trantenroth, and Dahms.
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pain in the thyroid region, chills, fever, and rapid swelling of the thyroid,
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was no union. Exploration led to a diagnosis of sarcoma by examination
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I liirli tlit'i'i' is a iliiiiiiiiitioii in tlic Itirarlioiiati' roiiti'iil of tlic lilooii
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entirely cured, as indicated by good health, and normal urine, is no bar to in-
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:iy liaiipon. oxooss of salt loads to an im-roaso in tlio volume of the
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nerve nn one side i Kij;. L'7 . If l|iA\ the peripheral end of a elll vayii^
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near the iiiciliaii line lliaii in lliat attaciitMl in the a\illai>' liiie. l''o|- this
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The amoinit varies considerably in the bile of difTerent animals, even it
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another has practically none; one patient has kyphosis, another has none;
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Irary seleelion i, jnstilieil on the uroiin.l that the or.liiuiry text in
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in with them and in greater numbers than occurs normally. Large lympho-
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readily aloni; tin- di-icstive canal, numerous mucous ".'lands are als..
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it liiis iieen found thiit altiiout:li tlie CO. tension ceiniiins eonstiint foi

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