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ease-germ ; their excretions must be regularly and thoroughly disinfected;
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September 10. — Received word that another cow, belonging to Mrs.
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Stewart, F. E., Merck's Building, University Place and 8th St., New
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forms the apex of the intussusception; ileocolic, in which it
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ford Beale has pointed out, is cod-liver oil. If we wish to get the
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bances and hay fever, he at once treated his cases by administering
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exceptionally dry, many of the large swamps referred to above having
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ment, hygienic, dietetic, and medicinal, of cases of pulmonary
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Surgn.-Lieut.-Col. S.H. Browne,, v.h.s., I.M.S,
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nervous or frightened, and prevents the mental irritation of
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existed commas were found in 42, i.e., in 91 "3 per cent.;
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the microbes then rapidly afifects the vascular tissues in the eyes,
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would be efifective if deprived of the wine or alcohol and the sugar.
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starting-point is sometimes to all appearance mental; a great
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symptoms and lesions ; the second and fourth are more probable but
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field of cholera enquiry shows that much remains to be
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I ask my Fellows of the Branch to bave compassion on me and
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and all I wish to argue from this little experience of mine
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other animals until they have been examined by the veterinary inspector appointed in
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and propagation there. Yet here unquestionably the disease in the
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the most nominal kind of sovereignty over the action of the
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R. Harvey (Calcutta) said he had one practical remark to
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Various analyses of formagen, which Mr. Colyer had obtained,
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tissues, but rather, increases their blood supply, and hastens heal-
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which exists in the Caucasus. It is reported to be quite miscible
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prevssion is due to the contracting adhesion, it is obvious that
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evidence of any cause of action not stated in his notice.
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than it was in 1872-73. Xo losses by deaths have as yet occurred.
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blepharo-conjunctivitis. ( Wieii. klin. Rundschau^ Vol. XII, page
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stertor, is of great importance, because it only occurs when there
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and of all sizes, from j^ J- to -g&r& of an inch in diameter, Fig. 17 ;
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up the number of visits she had made to the dispensary, made out
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the eternity of God with St. Gregory and St. Thomas, than the
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1 ,- Z'. -i^i 7-. U^ » i:i ,-. ^ Oi ^ (H ,-,r-. r-, -^ ,- Oi . r- ^ ^ .1-1 . O

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