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Second, the subnormal temperature is a frequent pro-
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of pins' heads. (See Plate -V, Fig. 1.) On section the cortical substance appears of a
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Left lung has congested lobulettes of a dark red (almost black) color. The anterior
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roncito, in the paper already referred to, and they have since been
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last year was 2,025, in which were treated 16,973,468
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on tablets of stone, but sealed in a bottle or enclosed in an
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tion of the fi'agments and exhaustion ; in a girl, aet. 14, on account of necrosis
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of seven hundred, was filled to overflowing, principally
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water of a house supplied from the river a little below
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washed out on to the surrounding ground, and possibly
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cumstances : While seeking for proofs as to the comma bacillus
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fering from a condition that up to the present time has a
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the dangers of a great overdose of poison administered hypodermically.
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1862. A boy, aged 13, had frecjuent attacks of epilepsy for
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Matthews. — Epizooty in a mild form is prevailing among the horses in
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paid to the connection of cause and effect between human
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terminal irritability of the genital system, one cannot realize
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able cause. I think the latter proposition is true, but as I
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of the graves are still perfectly apparent from two physical signs : small crevices found
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to a disinclination on the part of the medical officers of the regu-
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terebinthinse, gss. 6tis horis. On April 14, sulphuric acid and
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for a long time after the stricture has seemed to be cured ;
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more frequently if it is desired, and produce a condition of thy-
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The patient, if an adult, should be warned that after a few
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dementia, (d) organic dementia (the result of gross organic
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favor its occurrence : first, a long mesentery with a some-
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institutions in this city for post-graduate instruction, and they
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strual period is, many times, a potent factor. Even when
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but has not been used very generally. One of the most recent

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