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viscera, which for reasons before given become centres of
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exhaustive search failed to find a sufficient cause beyond a theory
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of any of those countries; and in relation to the landing, on any occasion, of any
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only to be bridged by rest and the good fortune that for
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paroxysm. When she first came under my observation I practised
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oji contagious pleuro-pneumonia. I very much, fear there is not the slightest chance
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poison as the pilot fish is supposed to have to the
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had been active in his support of the measure from the out-
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very rapid and appalling in New York city during the last twenty
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usually returns in 12 to 72 hours. The condition is clearly
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administration. His cases of chlorosis were nine in number, his
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so would simply be repeating the same thing over and over again.
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diminished, thus proving to him that this agent was inferior in its
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or less extensive area of lung structure, or even occlusion of non-inflamed bronchi and
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to remember that there are no pathognomonic symptoms ;
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is very common. The several branches of the fifth pair appear to
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not affected with contagious pleuro-pneumonia. The next thing, there-
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pneumonia, 21 cattle, 63 sheep affected with foot-and-mouth disease, 12! sheep affected
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much of the material has to be imported. It is said
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The right lung has a few lobules in each of the anterior and middle lobes hepatized.
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the animal died, or in a field near the outbuildings, if it died in the stables, and it is
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lent results in 36 cases of gonorrhoea; 14 of these were of the neck
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tiveness, intestinal irritation, and fever, to favor the disease in its worst
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above the knee-joint. Pitney of Auburn, New York, advo-
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The proverbial sausage-shaped tumor cannot be found in
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describe the noble profession, whose chief aim is the
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chronic insufficiency. Let us for a moment picture the
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those of typhoid fever before being prepared to concede
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the nerve ends were exposed. In from three to five minutes the
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previously tried methylene blue and asaprol. He obtained his
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loudest at the ensiform cartilage, and decreased towards the apex.
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is a very fatal and destructive disease. A new mode of
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pended in virulent" liquids ; that these corpuscles may be washed with-
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It becomes us in selecting remedies to consider whether
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In the following case, the illness beginning as urticaria, soon
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ot reports will not do it : this has been done ; it is now time they
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(5.) Comparison of length of carpus on sound hand with that
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Among cattle shipped to this country from America during the earlier and spring
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two years. She died of an attack of erysipelas with sloughing of the integu-

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