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a more or less prominent part in the etiology of these changes. The
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where the result of my work could be later on observed.
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ascribed to former conditions of health or preceding physical
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Michigan State Board of Health in May last {Med. News, Vol.
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There was also increase in size of the acini of the mammary
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recovered with the exception of the full sense of smell. It is now
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compound fracture of the leg. The disease was of much later occm-rence than
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characterized by their size and shape, as well as by their physiological
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quantity of cholera poison taken in and its effect on
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nal ring, i. e., the outlet through the trausversalis fascia, the
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in the inguinal region, it is quite possible that needless divi-
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tissues or liquids of the animal they never pass through the complete period of
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I am satisfied that the parasite is equally if not more
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ticularly on the upper lip, gums, and sides of the tongue and palate, white, or yel-
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right that the investigation already commenced should be carried to the other side,
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or four patches of superficial stomatitis on the buccal mucous
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In this case the inoculation in urine produced a certain amount of
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seems to be necessary to reduce the temperature to normal, when
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MORBID FLUIDS ; a Medico-Chinirgical Method of Diagnosis and Treatment
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nearly a foot square. On the third day it was dejected from the
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Dr. E. Thomas of Geneva, Switzerland, has apparently had some
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Texas fever. There seems to be no remedy. Every man has one, but
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tion, and because the locality is as varied as the cause. The
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very sensible reason that such animals are valuable to the
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short period of excitation is also a point of advantage which he
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tion very slightly increased, but not distending the tumour. On the 14th
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taken beyond the limits of the poultry run and deeply buried.
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there is virtually thrown away. Ambulant tuberculous patients
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four different days, the recorded results may be re-
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gators in the development and perfection of this instrument.
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difficulty on agaragar. It was injected into a guinea-
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In the few cases examined by me in which the disease was contracted
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Having made a diagnosis of intestinal obstruction, the

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