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been heard of in the current medical literature of the year, and
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This is a very grave condition, and is attended with symp-
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the connection between the survival of the Bacillus anthracis by the pro-
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{i.e., the parasites) the number of the anchylostoma may for
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methods of procedure, and, stimulated by the grand results
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tion, and I wish simply to say that they are coincident with the
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the canal is concerned. The passage of the intestinal con-
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much going to extremes to entirely abandon alcohol as to use it
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me the compliment of adopting, unaltered in strength or composi-
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which the Texas cattle were unloaded, and as the cows visited the cat-
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1 inch long by J inch broad, covered bv a thick bright vellow concretion. (See Plate
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crement is voided frequently, consists largely of urates suspended in a
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eye, together with severe darting pains in the face, which
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1878, and printed in its Transactions, in which he advocated
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small oft-repeated doses prescribed by a good part of the
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may add that the alterations which are apparent in the lung structure in contagious
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The value of the method of preventive inoculation or vaccination discovered by
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rily burdensome to this portion of the discussion. That I
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caused by the water, as my creek was a living running stream during the whole sea-
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zophyta? cultivated in milk and in water respectively, proved to be effec-
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Though no material change was made in the personnel of the man-
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which multiply in the fall season. This species of ticks was unknown
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due to cholera in the whole of India in 1892 was re-
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back in the use of the latter alkaloid is the subsequent appearance
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so untrue, and that he could not with reasonable diligence have obtained such know-
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tion in the growing bones, and terminating spontaneously
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and which had proved very useful in office practice as a convenient
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tubes, however, and when inoculated was still able to produce redness
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of the womb be increased in length, or in general capacity : in-
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Fte.6.-, 'Icute catarrhal pneumonia '. fmerican cur '-Section
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inflated hospital corporation, which has grown on the site of
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essential in surgical practice, and those desiring the best results
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extended trials of this form of administration. A water is

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