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for it, and that it is only by " pegging away " that

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mortality among fowls, but I can give no estimate of the losses.

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past year at $25,000. The losses among other farm animals have been

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not been admitted. They should be kept here under observation for

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which normally aid the pulmonary circulation, and to arrestment of the blood-flow,

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old gentleman once told me that by two methods he had

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in any one, such person's stools must contain thou-

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the extent of loss in the eases of the several applicants.

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pox are still possible. Of recent years an entirely new

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saline solution into the circulation, through the veins, prior

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be dedicated himself without first making inquiry as to what

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slight puflfiness about the ankles, but in the progress of the

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blood-vessels, and occasionally the internal surface is the seat of ulcera-

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pital has 'pulled away from, and broken faith with, its bene-

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at intervals of one to two months after the cessation

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the field of operation was prepared as already described. An inci-

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do all in our power to promote legislation to this end.

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can not only be rendered absolutely sterile and still be

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in their food, commences to become apparent; one or more of them com-

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fessed that the admission creates problems quite as difficult

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irregularity or trespass or other act or thing done or omitted by him under this act,

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July 18. — This hen has diarrhea, and is plainly sick.

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probably because it had no other merit to recommend itself

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county during the past year, of the various diseases to which they are

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the previous year, but two special articles have appeared which

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Officer, in his Special Report of 1886 on " Ansemia or beri-beri

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Dr. J. W. S. GouLEY, of New York county, said that the method

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The age and sex distribution of these 783 cases were — •

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