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constitute the infectious principle of swine plague, I can offer the fol-

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the gray matter seems to have a slightly pink tinge.

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T. & F. Utley, of Boston ; 44 of them were Missouri and 100 Iowa ani-

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of the new being are to be formed, the cells take on powers according

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Russian epidemic (see Lancet-, Oct. 13th, 1894.) One

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performed in the hope of averting the formation of cancer. (For further

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condition of the structures in the groin following such abuse.

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and distillery stables, and in the great cattle marts of Chicago, Saint

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From the above there are many shadings, and a complexity

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Tube Xo. 47 : 1 to 500. Decidedly turbid. Contains bacilli and spores in consider-

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the number of cell elements and not to a material increase in the thickness of the

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fifteen minutes. Temperature, 108°. Pulse, 132. (A slight rigor

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a mile and a half from the village of Cattaraugus, a cow had died the same (Mon-

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Parker, Ransom J., 130 Lexington Ave., New York, New York Co.

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the most brilliant results of modern surgery. By and through

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terial whether the change is of a chemical or of a purely physical

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to infection ; sometimes doubtless are fouled from the first, as

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tion. Two pigs were immediately inoculated, by forcing small pellets of

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able numbers of cases of true typhoid fever, and who also

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This being so, the question at once suggests itself, What is the cause for

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six quarts of water, and as the acid costs but 15 to 20 cents per pound

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cians, stimulate this disease which brings down the person,

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observations in regard to their relation to contagious diseases will be more

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if existing were hidby putrefaction changes. It should be mentioned

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History (as suhsequently obtained). — Was bitten by a strange

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But it is to be remembered that a movement of the bowels

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ticularly preceding an attack it may be found at 95° to

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upon the foot of the bed, but always using every axillary

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omy in inoperable carcinoma of colon, sigmoid, and rectum.

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ished ; it nourishes itself." When the ability to absorb and

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and notwithstanding all efforts the man died within

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days with a weak rapid pulse ranging from 140 to 150. A

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