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is offered in such a form that it may be made up into palatable
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saltum. Are we then to conclude that the problem is
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ter results will be obtained, and in a future article it is intended
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from field-work among the dairies. This commission was
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For convenience of examination and to avoid repetitions, the inocula-
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ing. Is nearly always lying in a corner of its pen during the day, and
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bid changes, such as redness of the skin, petechia, &c, were found,
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Dr. Reeve (Toronto) said that suprarenal extract had the great
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dose. At this they were kept for from one to four weeks — in
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union was not stated. In every other instance, even in those
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The report of the Nominating Committee was next read as fol-
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evidence of any cause of action not stated in his notice.
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interchange of ideas and opinions at the meetings and
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good suture material, the risk of recurrence immediately or
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Dr. J. A. Wyeth spoke of the important saving in time effected
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Barrow-in-Furness had a foreign animals' wharf defined at Kainsden Dock on the
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that the patient has a fit ; although this is rare, it is well to con-
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seems that several circumstances combined to make that inoculation in-
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of the New York State Medical Assi)ciation held on May 24, 1898.
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in a few cases to have done, that in any severe cold with
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Now, the Bacillus anthracis only exists in. the blood as filaments during
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absorbent cotton. It is an energetic disinfectant, and promotes
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violent sneezing fit. No. 11, too, is very weak and can hardly stand, mt2
ments can be accurately determined by the skiagraphs obtained.
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in glycerin. Again, in the form of an ointment, one part to six of
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reached the stage in which the udder is involved, does con-
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— no bandage or pad is used — but the patient is kept in bed.
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cases are the following : (a) the history of a distinctly
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Third District, LEROY M. BROOKS, M. D., Chenango County.

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