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43. Whenever there is any change in the name or address of any inspector appointed
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appears likely to make a good recovery. The two thus treated with the
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matous or mixed. He is rather inclined to conclude from not
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alarming extent. A double aortic murmur was heard all over the
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by the washing of infected clothing on their margins,
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Dr. Alfons Hanc, of Vienna, Austria, has made successful use
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duced the disease, but unfortunately the number of animals inoculated
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Burleson. — Horses have suffered from distemper and the epizooty
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ophy ; he comes to the meeting like Moses from the Mount
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June 5. — There is still some pain through the head, back of the
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pneumo-bacillus of Frankel gives in man pneumonia, a localised
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formaline, makes a 3 per cent, solution. This should be kept
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such knowledge of the action of such drugs as quinine and
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for the purpose of stimulating the granulations. The patient was
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tioxL of IxLood fromi. jxco-ixlax 4 days old.. Bacilli fox-
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ergot, tannic and gallic acids are recommended, as also a free use
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after pregnancy ; one of these was complicated by nose-
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two symptoms besides the cough — frontal headache and consti-
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Hysterectomy for Pyosalpinx," which was interesting on account
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the readiness w^ith which the fibres can be separated longi-
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mining whether epizootic aphtha has or does exist among the cattle in
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pared with the positive evidence to the contrary ; it only proves
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older physicians to have no place in the obstetric armamentarium.
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brought by dogs or other animals, (3) with infected manure or feathers, or (4) possibly
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It would seem from this that the steamers running from Boston have as good man-
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experience, but their other qualities overshadow and domi-
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with blood. The spleen was smaller and less engorged than is
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mouth, (5) by the anus, and (c) by penetrating wounds of
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of the use of non-absorbable suture material. Nor do I
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cine save cod-liver oil, but had continued the use of the inhalation.
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has been effused into the tissues is often seen rapidly to dis-
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vascular changes from that distension and the irritating con-
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be prevented, I am almost sure the result would be more
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with viscid mucus, which flows in stringy masses from the lips. There is grinding of

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