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ease is not so widespread as in some years. . Sheep are subject to scab

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prevails to a greater or less extent every year. We have no reliable

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was already able, three weeks after operation, to rotate the arm,

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bright granules of similar appearance, but differing widely as to size,

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similar history, which he could not account for. He suggested

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of good compensation, than with any other combination that

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the vascular walls. When full they were immediately sealed in the

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the fatherless, the prayers and pleadings of the friends and com-

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faculty and trustees are assiduous in their attentions, and

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colic. Is now fairly well nourished. Sits up in bed. No jaundice.

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2d. The method is a cause of the preservation of the disease-germ. — This

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as well as they know how. If they have battles to fight, let

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this section mentioned) for the purpose of repaying with interest the money advanced

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vein in a very sick fowl is laid bare, and a thread passed around it, the

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In a very few cases the first symptom is a diarrhea, the excrement

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ion were against him, but happily such was not the case, thanks

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103. 5 | Very dull, -weak. Tail and ears dark "blue and

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tenderness and scorn of subterfuges disarmed unseemly antagon-

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page 604.) It is claimed to contain 30 per cent, of menthol, and

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cases, of which eight were cases of septicaemia, four post-

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But a single similar case and where the psoriasis was the

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the anthrax liquid, and some active bacilli had been injected with the

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a cote d'une aussi nombreuse assemblee de mcdecins,

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plague schizophytse cultivated in innocent fluids foreign to the organ-

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and since the microbial population in the stomach and

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April 9. — It having been asserted that so-called chicken cholera and

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