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action is due to actual absorption, and not to inhalation. They
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some days past at New York and Alexandria, and had reported to the Canadian Gov-
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. 7- -T . ?1 — ?] . . M ^] r-! . , ri — . . . M
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permitted to remain, blood-clots organize and seriously ham-
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mine its prevalence, and submit a report of its findings to
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the absence of typhoid fever, as determined by course, symptoms,
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introduced from other flocks should be placed in an inclosure by themselves for at
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This series of experiments is one of the most difficult from wjiich to
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That such is the case is very plain in the affected parts of the lungs be-
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and the consequence is that the question is frequently put,
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logues, and price lists, calculated in their individual systems, to
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traction of the circular fibres that prevents the reduction of
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early as half an hour afterward, some relief may be expected, and
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except when it has resulted secondarily in mechanical ob-
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tion of the feet and legs to aid in the return of the blood in
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lishers of school books. Some of the latter appreciate the neces-
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be collections of lymphatic corpuscles in the connective tissue of
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this act, or of any order, regulation, or license of the privy council or a local author-
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and after the circulation is allowed to go on again the urine
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used, as a substitute for cocaine in a number of cases of urethrot-
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a number of cases, but it will hardly be necessary to say once more that
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very satisfactory collodion, and it is difficult to understand why it
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sporules before germinating, as shown in Fig. 26, but his observations
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thus effect beneficial results. Such injections may be made sev-
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The question of using this septic virus was a delicate one, but consider-
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in regard to the effect of temperature on the virus when the former was
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classes should be treated in sanatoria situated near the centres of
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tion of mesentery on both sides (as shown in Fig. 6). It is
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under the head of abnormal states of the upper respiratory
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fifty replies were received, including eighteen from the United
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which permits it to be boiled in water for from 15 to 30 min-
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The iodine treatment of pig No. 3 has also given very good results,
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** Remarks upon the Value of Uranium Nitrate in the Control of
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this treatment he applies astringents, which finish the treatment

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