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in the year without a nickel for their valuable services. Has
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main widely separated, the limb is more or less deficient in
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secured for experiment. It liad not been tlioiigiit seriously ill. but
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duced to retire early and soon fell asleep quietly. At midnight
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mixed with a small quantity of virus in liquid form for half an hour
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The epizooty has appeared in a mild form among horses.
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Tube No. 19 : 1 to 50. Perfectly transparent and clear as when first placed in the in-
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act in July, 1866. The pharmaceutical and chemical Journals of
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2. The above reasons will also distinguish it from separation
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which was read before this association on October 17, 1895,
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scatter a little ammonia water about the room. This no doubt
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in the fifth schedule to this act, shall be the sums in that schedule specified in lieu of
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though the double form is said to be relatively common, the
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istence of cattle-plague, pleuro-pneumonia, or sheep-pox, or having reasonable ground
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soluble in water, non-irritating to mucous membranes, and is read-
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exudation) of Mr. Bailey's pig No. 1 (old experimental pig), No. 13, and
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recorded that, with the exception of slight abdominal pain, he felt
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Xow we might say that this effect was simply due to the blood
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last year was 2,025, in which were treated 16,973,468
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paore classic types of chronic or acute intestinal obstruction.
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or infectious disease, or for the purpose of providing wharves, lairs, sheds, markets,
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the lungs and senile emphysema ; thickening of Glisson's
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the 29th July, and had died out by the 18th August.
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of Laveran as the true pathological cause of the symp-
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afforded. Where there is deformity with necrosis, neuritis,
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Conclusion. — Putrefaction entirely destroys the virus of swine plague,
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were broken. During the lung examination to-day two pairs were found
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is very quick, but superficial; it is, therefore, a very useful local
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21. — One attack of the disease protects against the effect
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infected place without a license signed by an officer of the locality appointed in
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