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resembling that of cholera vanished.from the water in
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entirely, and on the same evening the eye was sensible to light.
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height of the disease, had regained more or less appetite, and was al-
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by a leading firm of photographers in Liverpool from the lung itself, on
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form it developes in zooglcea clusters, and because (2) it undergoes a
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the beasts and their lungs while they were being slaughtered. The cor-
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Effect of disinfectants on this micrococcus. — So constantly were the
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this muscle has a beautifully bright carmine tint in the plethoric French sheep. The
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vailed during the season among both hogs and fowls.
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grains) per kilogramme. He calls attention to its rapid absorp-
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children with normal digestion. They took care that the diet of
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King of Italy, the dominions of the King of the Hellenes, Belgium, France.
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The success of the Congress was materially contributed to by the official patronage of
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of Cysts and Abscesses of the Liver, Strangulated Hernia, Eetention of Urine,
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now used. He advises the chemical action of formaldehyde upon
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cation the reduction is easy, there is no crepitus, and the deformity
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inspections for pleuro-pneumonia in, review of. 278
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City, but now euphoniously lost in the Borough of the Bronx.
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local rate, or any other thing in this act contained, the local rate mortgaged shall con-
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**6. It is superior to the former variety of eucaiue because its
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date after the attack could this immunity be counted on.
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principal causes, climate and diet, and, relying chiefly upon
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quent ingestion of tuberculous substances, is to be explained by the fact that the
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and in the aforementioned good sense, is somewhat shaken
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been guilty, in relation to such animal, of any act in contravention of the act of 18b'9,
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sinus is more frequently involved in acute processes than is
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round, elevated patches of psoriasis, varying in size from half an
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or physical signs, such as the Argyle-Robertson pupil, Rom-
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of proper food, care, and attention. Hogs are visited every spring and
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have in the typical soil, favorable to the propagation of the cholera poi-
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and then carry the end over the other notch and tie it to the
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of the neck, and facial palsy, arising from affections of the teeth,
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charterer of the vessel in Avhich they arc brought has received the special permission
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"Where any such offense is committed with resrjectto more than four animals, a pen-
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Has to carry a pillow at all times ; rides, sits, and walks with
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vesicles in the mouth with a knife or lancet. If matter forms in the
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chairman, specify a quorum, and make all regulations necessary for carrying the pur-
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having vomited several masses of her own black hair which

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