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two children such skilful physicians are apt to be employed
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nitis. From one patient who had been thus affected I removed four or
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ively in small quantities. For the urinary difficulties
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part of the organism to promote the migration of leucocytes and to
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exposure to cold and wet over exertion strains injuries seasoned food
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common term for it is chronic gastro intestinal catarrh but
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normal appearance. There vere no other changes. The
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muscle fibres is also present. The muscle spindles are well
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gives decolourisation in a few minutes and meth lene blue is
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the syrup. Sig. One half to one teaspoonful before meals
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or by skewers introduced down to fascia on either side ring and
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this weed is a deadly poison under ordinary circumstances and that children
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or in the respective seasons. A writer Dr. Kitchen of Indiana
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came to Massachusetts in the Mayflower. He died in G at Ply
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phy paralysis and trophic changes affecting the trunk
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likely is cavitation to occur the less the infiltration and the greater the
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severe that it prevented the possibility of sleep and greatly affected her
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tive bacillus with rounded ends. The micro organism was examined
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of Dr Schwartze s opportunities and long continued studies in this
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Service Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
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absence for six months on surgeon s certificate of disability with
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The difficulties in the way of a required fifth hospital year are not
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fully appreciated by the practitioner who has had such experience
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irritability exaggerated reflexes marked vaso motor phe
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analyses of its contents are never conclusive until we have
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uses are not yet precisely ascertained. It must not be con
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cut away beyond the limits of the cyst. By an aspirat

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