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I have not as yet received from the president of the New York College of Veterinary
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stroke of paralysis, from which he soon rallied, and was taken
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April 20th, her sister reports at the office that Mrs. D. is in bed,
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epidemics in which water has not been the source of
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are those wihch invade the circulatory system. When intro-
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the pigmented epithelium, are not involved. The essential
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Greene. — A good many horses are annually lost in this county by blind
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the same appearance as when first examined. It contains great num-
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the privy council in that behalf, certifying to the effect that the foregoing regula-
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interests, as that which conveyed power to examine cattle for
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Dr. Hall showed a specimen of the sputum of a case of plastic
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" (9) That methylene blue always has the effect of turning the
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Objective . IM"o st of the "bacilli ( 1,1,) measure each joi:n_t ll_/%" , aTLcL
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Following then the general order suggested in the diagno-
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timid man in the rear who listens can give cards and spades
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etimulant ; but spirits are seldom indicated, and I have
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The first group expressing the chief mental states is as
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known for ozaena. His mind is not yet made up as to what it is in
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duction of Stomach Diseases. By Julius Pohlman, M. D., of
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supra-renal bodies in natural place ; a vein from the left passes
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posterior portion of the large lobe of the right lung, the larger of which
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which well shows the results of careful watching of the con-
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A. Marfan of France states that on the whole it is the best
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tbe same manner as the former wander from the red corpuscles, is still
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produces a weak point in the ligature. For that reason the
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wall. The silver sutures are then twisted, the abdomen is
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