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fibre-cells passing upwards between the cells towards the surface.

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Louis-d'or at a single meal ; " the second, who swallowed

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to us from the ports of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and

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fall upon the nates, followed by tenderness and pain about

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his vision for distance was much clearer without glasses in 1897

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flooding the lower parts of the country, and there is a

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diseases resembling obstructions, even though the diagnosis

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there is an increase of white blood-corpuscles, but in 'hy-

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Robeson. — But few horses are raised in our county. They are used

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caD, however, so its presence is not pathognomic. Bobo-

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larger majority of strictures, whether caused by cicatricial

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rounded by and has to breathe the same atmosphere in which an ani-

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that in malarial remittent, where there may be, and

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ing lethargy and paralysis, and the utter inability to rally.

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becomes very severe for a few days preceding, during, and after

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nose, but the greater part of what is coughed up falls into the fauces and is swallowed.

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acid, as devised by Esbacli for the detection of albumin in the

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but these diseases have not been as general as formerly.

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cocaine anaesthesia will be safe, painless, and certain to show

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and a small ulcer with oedematous swelling appeared on the vulva.

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be few, or very numerous. They are mostly flame shaped

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The method of dry sterilization, consisting in gradually rais-

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of a swelling in the seat of inoculation. Six days later it was placed

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the changed or degenerated parts will also be affected by the retrogres-

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visible globule of pure distilled water, leaving the cavity almost a per-

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Beil. Klin. Woch. 1887), several even after kidneys had

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the sequelae appeared to be about the same. As a disinfectant to

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Last year, in trying to pass a bill, by an unfortunate mis-

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that it is almost always narrow in the upper part. Or there

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can be solved only by the heartiest cooperation of stomach

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the fact that such severe symptoms, although rare, may occur.

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experiments on the growth of bacteria, and therefore boiling the

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book are as follows: "February 14th, 1898 — Improved in all

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segment of the peritoneal cavity is more subject to inflam-

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